Recommended Contractors and Service Providers


General Construction

Beto Alvarado: remodeling work of any type, including countertops, tiling, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, cabinets, etc. (408) 857-6981 (Recommended by Jeanne Gillispie and Dave Pitton)

S &S Tile: Kitchen, bathroom remodeling and general contracting (408) 293-6004 (Recommended by Liane and Don Falkenburg. He put in a new shower for us)

Eichler Siding

Eichler Siding: Kevin Mills in LaHonda, CA. (Recommended by Eileen McKenna and Malcolm Smith).

Mike Moody Mike is a painter who lives in the Fairglen sub here in Willow Glen. He has recently added the manufacture of Eicher siding to his capabilities. phone: (408) 691-7230

Tree Trimming

Aly's: We have used Aly's several times and have found them to be competent, efficient, and courteous. They have a certified arborist on staff. (408) 280-6545. (Recommended by Don and Liane Falkenburg)

RA Tree Service: We just used this tree trimmer, seemed like a good price, and we like the work they did. In case you want to add to your list! 408-561-3189, 408-724-3459. Recommended Don and Liane Falkenburg.

Window and Glass Replacement

Palo Alto Glass: We had great service from these people! They were efficient, clean, and courteous. They replaced all the glass in our home in just three days. They only removed the old windows they would complete in any given day, and they cleaned everything at the end of each workday. We give them our highest recommendation.

contact for Eichler work: Dave Stellman (650) 494-7000

Recommended by: Liane and Don Falkenburg (

Window Cleaning

Radiant Heat Maintenance and Repair

Dan Salzberg's Radiant Heating Service: phone: (650) 965-3777 We have used Dan a number of times to keep our raediant heating system in good shape. (Liane and Don Falkenburg)


Moomau Pluming: phone: (408) 396-3837 We have used Moomou for a number of years. Reasonable price and good workmanship. (Liane and Don Falkenburg)

Pest Control

Smith's Gopher Trapping Services: We highly recommend Smith's Gopher Trapping Services. They trap as the name suggests, but they're in till you're clear for a month. Very courteous and effective. (Andrea and Scott and Yesbert)

House Painting

Mike Moody Painting: Mike just completed painting our home and we are VERY pleased with his work. He is a real craftsperson! Mike spent a full week preparing the house. He scraped and sanded the siding. When finished, he primed the repairs. Before painting the house, Mike completely primed the house a second time so there would be a good bond between the finish coat and the siding. He recommended a more reflective finish for the facia which takes the brunt of the damage from the sun. Before we began this project, I wondered if we should re-side the house, as there was severe damage to many of the panels. Mike assured me that he would be able to repair this and renew the finish. Mike works by himself with assistance from his wife. By the way he is a neighbor, living near Booksin School.

If you are thinking of painting your home, give MIke a call. If you are looking for the lowest cost bid you can get, then Mike will not likely match the "spray 'n pay" crews who walk the neighborhood. But if you are looking for a quality paint job, reasonably priced for the work done, then give Mike a call. Liane and I are very happy with the quality of his work as well as his work ethic.

contact: (408) 691-7230 email:

Mike Moody Painting

Recommended by: Liane and Don Falkenburg (

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